While other news outlets keep telling you that Coachella 2010 was a resounding, trouble-free success, and while the organizers are bragging about the size of the crowds to Billboard (as if bigger meant better when it comes to crowds…), you know you can rely on the LA Weekly to tell you what really happened there: good music (with weird choices for the main stage while the tents and the side stage were overflowing), terrible disorganization, unmanageable crowds, and a general … well, it isn't for nothing that our cutesy renaming of the festival to Clusterfuckchella 2010 seems to have hit a nerve.

Here's a summary of all our Coachella coverage, featuring the good, the bad, the ugly, and the slutty:

Day-by-Day Overviews:

Coachella Day 1 WINs and FAILs

Coachella Day 2 WINs and FAILs

Coachella Day 3 WINs and FAILs

Music Reviews:

Day 1: Deadmau5 Blazes New Trails In The Desert

Day 1: LCD Soundsystem Takes Coachella A Step Back (con)

Day 1: Silver Apples, LCD Soundsystem and Brett Favre (pro)

Day 1: Kaskade Makes Nice At Coachella

Day 1: John Lydon, Antidotes, and PiLs

Day 1: DJ Tiesto Rocks Peak Time Set At Coachella

Day 2: John Waters Is a Great Role Model for Young America (No, Seriously)

Day 2: The Gobi Tent Can't Contain Beth Ditto's Gossip

Day 2: The xx: Blood, and Ketamine

Day 2: The Dirty Projectors and Bowling With Angels

Day 2: Reunited and It Feels So Good: Faith No More at Coachella, Plus Mike Patton's Thoughts on the Festival

Day 2: Muse Gets Bombastic at Coachella (Would You Expect Less?)

Day 3: Orbital Goes Back To The Future With Rave-Era Set

Day 3: Infected Mushroom Brings Head-Banging Trance To Coachella

Day 3: Plastikman Teaches Future Technology By Digging Into Past At Coachella

Day 3: Plastikman/DJ Richie Hawtin Speaks About Technology And The State Of American Electronic Music

Day 3: Jay-Z and Beyonce Nerd Out Over Thom Yorke Just Like Everyone Else

Day 3: Sly & the Family Codependent

Day 3: Gorillaz at Coachella, Why the Multi-Media Group Matters

Clusterfuckchella (Chaos at the gates on Friday and all the rest):

Coachella Now Free? Riot Averted–for now–as security letting people in for free–kind of

Day 1: Coachella Clusterfuck!

Can You Hear Me Now? Maybe Not At Coachella

Five Ways Organizers Can Make Coachella A Better Experience


Desert Debauchery at the Ace Hotel #Coachella

CuriousJosh: The Do Lab and Lucent Dossier at #Coachella

#Coachella Day 1: Jay Z, La Roux, Them Crooked Vultures and More

#Coachella Music Loves Fashion Pool Party

#Coachella Day 2: Muse, Faith No More, the Dead Weather, Devo and more

#Coachella's Real Rock Stars

#Coachella Day 3: Gorillaz, Thom Yorke, Phoenix, De La Soul and more

#Coachella Anthem Lagoon Pool Party

CuriousJosh: Interactive Art at #Coachella

Top 25 #Coachella Tattoos

The 40 Most Memorable People at #Coachella

#Coachella: Hippies or Hipsters?

#Coachella Babes 2010

CuriousJosh: #Coachella Bassface Afterparty

Nightranger: Coachella Crashed

Parties and VIPs (featuring Nightranger and the mysterious Hannibal Moncrief)

Nightranger's Coachella Check-list: Desert Dos and Don'ts

Nightranger's Coachella Style Report: Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

Nightranger's Desert Decisions: Splashy bashes vs. Corinne Bailey Rae, MGMT, DEVO, Little Boots, Spoon, Julian Casablancas

Day 1: Hannibal Moncrief Was There and You Have Not Seen His Records

Day 2: Hannibal Moncrief, Hot Chip & Flying Lotus & The Ascent of Nerd-Chic

Day 3: Hannibal Moncrief, Class Warfare, & The Hollow Earth

Seen at Coachella: Hula Hooping at Night

Coachella vs. Comic-Con: Are the Two That Different?


Tell Us Your Coachella Stories!

Tweeter Madness: #Coachella experience in under 140 characters

Our Coachella 2010 Preview (from the April 15th print issue)

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