If you haven't tried the salty, greasy, cheesy culinary triumph of a vampiros taco from the much-blogged about Boyle Heights stand Tacos Guanajuato… Bad news, you're not going to any time soon. Those addictively delicious vampiros (or volcanes, depending on which region of Mexico you're from) which Los Angeles Magazine Dine editor Lesley Bargar Suter wrote “rank among the greatest culinary experiences of my life,” and Street Gourmet LA blogger Bill Esparza called, “a construct of all that is good,” are indefinitely MIA due to the stand having allegedly been stolen.

Not the cash box, the stand — as in, all the cooking equipment. Which sadly explains the dark corner we keep finding when we drive up to 4th Street and Savannah with our bellies growling for cheesy constructs of goodness.

According to owner Ulises Gutierrez, the future of Tacos Guanajuato is still undetermined: “I'm not sure what will happen,” he says. “I may have to buy everything again.”

No vampiros. That crook robbed us all.

LA Weekly