It may be time to officially change L.A.'s nickname from City of Angels to City of Strumpets.

The newly released results of a survey from Match.com's sister site Chemistry.com reveal that eight of the 10 most sex-loving cities in the country are in California — and seven of those are local to Los Angeles.

I suspect that when they picked “Eureka!” (I have found it!) for the California state motto, they may have been talking about the G-spot.

The results were compiled from an analysis of personality tests taken by more than 10 million single Chemistry.com members. The survey asked respondents how strongly they agreed or disagreed with statements about relationship priorities, including whether or not “sex is an essential part of a successful relationship.”

The city where sex seems to be most important to a healthy relationship? Venice Beach, Calif., — those free-loving hippies love to bang more than anyone else in the nation.

The only two cities outside of California to crack the top 10 were Miami Beach, Fla. (No. 7), and Hoboken, N.J. (No. 9).

Another interesting trend? Eight of 10 most shagtastic cities in the U.S. are either beachfront or beach adjacent communities. So, essentially, people who love to get wet also love to get wet.

1. Venice Beach, CA

2. Santa Monica, CA

3. Newport Beach, CA

4. West Hollywood, CA

5. West Los Angeles, CA

6. Woodland Hills, CA

7. Miami Beach, FL

8. Redondo Beach, CA

9. Hoboken, NJ

10. San Francisco, CA

When the study focused exclusively on female respondents, however, Venice Beach disappeared from the top 10 completely. Santa Monica, Calif., and West Hollywood, Calif., took the top two spots for the most hot-and-bothered ladies in the country.

Pasadena came in at number 10, surprisingly, proving that the City of Roses was deflowered long ago.

1. Santa Monica, CA

2. West Hollywood, CA

3. San Francisco, CA

4. Scottsdale, AZ

5. Seattle, WA

6. Portland, ME

7. New York, NY

8. Boulder, CO

9. Oakland, CA

10. Pasadena, CA

Lubbock, Texas: a terrible place for fucking.

Lubbock, Texas: a terrible place for fucking.

Angelenos wishing to escape the sex-centric Southland for more prudish pastures should head east. The survey also revealed the 10 cities that put the lowest value on sex, and most of them are in the heart of the Midwest. Lubbock, Texas, came (or, rather, didn't) in at No. 1.

1. Lubbock, TX

2. Schenectady, NY

3. Lincoln, NE

4. Toledo, OH

5. Springfield, MO

6. Fort Wayne, IN

7. Akron, OH

8. Sioux Falls, SD

9. Dayton, OH

10. Norfolk, VA

So much for that “Virginia is for lovers” theory.

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