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Maybe it's time to stop letting your penguins read "50 Shades of Grey".

97-year-old Pamphlet Reveals Depraved Sexual Behavior of Penguins

After nearly 100 years, London's Natural History Museum is finally opening its doors to some classic penguin porn. The Museum recently announced that a 97-year-old pamphlet on penguin sexual behavior that was once considered too perverse and depraved for inclusion in their archives has finally been accepted......
Condoms: $4. Lube: $3 Not getting sued for $900

eHarmony Blind Date Ends w/ $900,000 Settlement Following Genital Herpes Outbreak

A dental hygienist from Beaverton, Oregon has discovered an amazing new treatment for genital herpes: rub $900,000 all over it. The 49-year-old woman contracted the incurable venereal disease from a 69-year-old retired dentist she met on the dating website eHarmony.com. While local prosecutors didn't see enough evidence to press criminal......
Why film a porno in your cousin's basement when you've got the keys to the Coliseum?

Gang Bang Porn Scene Filmed in L.A Coliseum

Rejoice Angelenos. Your beloved Coliseum can finally apply for admission into the National Registry of Historic Gangbang sites. An investigation by the LA Times revealed this week that in addition to hosting the Summer Olympics, the World Series and countless USC Trojans gridiron games, the Los Angeles Coliseum was the......
Next time you go spelunking

Worlds Oldest Petroglyph is a Caveman Vagina, Archaeologists Say

You never know what you'll find when inside a shallow French cave -- and we're not just talking about a hook-up with that bitchy foreign exchange student from Bordeaux. A group of archaeologists have discovered what is believed to be the oldest cave drawing known to man in a collapsed......
It's spring

5 Flowers That Look Like Vaginas

Spring has officially sprung and the floral kingdom is spreading its tulips faster than a newly divorced cougar at Coachella. There's a reason the birds and the bees just can't stop making sweet, sweet love to the plant world this time of year. Flowers are just plain sexy. Check out......
An inefficient method of protecting your genitals while cycling.

6 Ways To Protect Your Private Parts While Riding a Bicycle

With spring in the air and gas prices through the roof, there's no better time to be a bicycle person. Cyclists get to cruise through bumper-to-bumper traffic, park almost anywhere, and feel morally superior to the rest of us fossil fuel chuggers. The one drawback? They have to travel sitting......
Can't we talk about something else? Like my dazzling smile?

Study: Most Gynecologists Avoid Sex Talk With Patients

A revealing new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine points to a whole new reason to feel uncomfortable at the gynecologist. Researchers at the University of Chicago have published a study entitled: "What We Don't Talk About When We Don't Talk About Sex: Results of a National Survey of......
Venice Beach isn't closed. Everyone is just at home banging.

Survey Names Los Angeles As Most Sex-centric U.S. City

It may be time to officially change L.A.'s nickname from City of Angels to City of Strumpets. The newly released results of a survey from Match.com's sister site Chemistry.com reveal that eight of the 10 most sex-loving cities in the country are in California -- and seven of those are......
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