Surprisingly Authentic Thai Food from Tucked-Away Luv2Eat

Tumeric chicken soup; Credit: Anne FishbeinTumeric chicken soup; Credit: Anne Fishbein

Peer into Luv2Eat’s cramped dining room and gaze upon the eye-popping lineup of dishes trickling out of the kitchen. There are purple-hued blood clams briefly steamed in their shells and graced with a fiery lime-chile sauce, and braised sparerib kua kling, the famously concentrated dry curry massaged into niblets of meat that are wok-tossed with giant sour legumes endearingly referred to as “stink beans.” Even the innocuous fried chicken, cooked in the style of Hat Yai street vendors, is gloriously unique: brined for 24 hours in oyster sauce and lemongrass, fried to a shattering crunch, showered with crispy shallots and served with a dab of sticky-sweet chile sauce.

LA Weekly