Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mary Droppinz Drops NYC: Zeds Dead’s Altered States label is a home for house music & dubstep adjacent electronic music. Their first release of 2023 is dance tune “NYC” by Mary Droppinz.

Droppinz got her start DJing 8 years ago when she had just moved to California from Nebraska and started immersing herself in the underground rave scene.

“I started by getting gear, practicing with friends for some months and then DJing at TBWA chiat day (ad agency I worked at as an account manager for) summer party and the word just started spreading and gigs picked up from there,” she says. “It got very serious for me during the pandemic when I had decided to quit my full time salaried job to pursue DJing full time and then the world shut down right after. I started streaming my DJ sets and built a strong community online. I kept going and making my music even when the future seemed unforeseeable. It felt primal, it’s what I love to do and to have pushed through that I know I am meant for this.”

She says that her sound is influenced by the music she started listening to when she was very young and in high school.

“I love emo music and hip-hop,” she says. “Ultimately, raging is my favorite thing to do at shows — I love to go off! I’m super passionate about my music, it’s all my emotions on display, orchestrating what each sound means to me. I’d say specifically, genre wise my music ranges from electro to breakbeat to acid house to techno to deep house to UK garage and bass. Track selection for me is based first on exquisite taste and then how that song makes me feel, not anything specific to a genre. I am here to feed the crowd with love through music.”

Droppinz feels that electronic music is currently in an enlightened state.

“I think the awareness level of having more femme equality on the lineups is totally there and there are some big teams actively trying to make the difference that we need,” she says. “There’s so much incredible femme talent out there that deserves a chance and for lineups to be as 50/50 as possible. It’s truly going to be a pivotal year to see the industry hopefully push forward. I also think this year has a big potential for experiencing the main audience shifting towards a more underground sound. The wider audience is beginning to want something deeper, I ‘ve felt a lot of curiosity and excitement from the crowd when the breaks or acid basslines came in this last year more than ever before, I believe they’re ready.”

Her latest release is that “NYC” single.

“‘NYC’ was a track that started coming together a year and a half ago,” she says. “It was inspired by my time living in the city and how much it actually changed my life, much like electronic music did. So I wanted to make a ’90s style acid rave banger with my fav sample of 50 Cent saying ‘New York City,’ ‘you are now rockin’,’ and then the other sample ‘it’s over, everything starts from now’ is a sampled quote from the Tupac movie. I felt these really described the powerful energy both the city and this style of music has had on me. The rebirth of the proper rave days are happening now!”

Looking ahead, Mary Droppinz has plenty planned for this year.

“I’ll be dropping my first official fashion line this year and I cannot wait to get everyone dripped out,” she says. “Mostly, I’m truly just looking forward to sharing more of my take on electronic music through my releases and tours this year. I’ve got a very anticipated single coming out at the end of March on Repopulate Mars and some remixes forthcoming on my favorite labels/festivals. I’m going to continue to rip my DJ sets this year as I’ve always seen myself as a DJ first but with the growth I’ve had in the studio in the past 4 years, and currently being in the flow more than I ever have been, I’m really ready to embody the producer inside of me in 2023.”

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mary Droppinz Drops NYC: Mary Droppinz’s “NYC” is out now.






















































































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