You’ve Got to Love Dr. Ushūu: French bass producer Dr. Ushūu started producing 10 years ago under the name D.C.R.

“[It was] right after watching Hardwell’s set at Ultra in 2013,” he says. “After listening to countless EDM titles at that time, I decided that I wanted to take my chances of writing music and express myself through music. At the time, I was suffering from bullying at school and so it allowed me to have a safespace! Then djing came right after in 2015 when my friend gave me this Vestax VCI-300 and I fell in love with it! In 2019, I changed my alias name to Dr .Ushūu and after that it started to get serious and I wanted to bring my project into the next level!”

The good doctor describes his sound as a mixture of his past and future.

Imagine a space themed atmosphere with a lot of melodic traits and specially future bass influences and my heavy and screechy side,” he says.

Ushūu believes thatches is one of the best eras for electronic music.

“Not only because there are a lot of artists that are pushing the boundaries and elevating the scene, but also there are a lot of artists that are incredibly talented and unique and it makes me excited,” he says. 

Dr. Ushūu’s latest release is “Love Me.”

:As the title indicates, ‘Love Me’ is a love song and I wrote it when I was broken-hearted,” he says. “At the time, I had been listening to a lot of UK sounding tracks and it led me to work on a style I’ve never worked on before. So I tried to put my emotions on it and long and behold, ‘Love Me’ came to life.”

Looking ahead, Ushūu has plenty planned for this year.

Without going into much detail as I sadly can’t disclose most of it just yet, but this year should be filled with singles and EP’s, as well as some of the biggest shows of my life to keep you all entertained,” he says.

You’ve Got to Love Dr. Ushūu: Dr. Ushūu’s single “Love Me” is out from February 2.


































































































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