Ladies, it turns out all those hours you spend watching HGTV aren't just a function of your affection for wall sconces and tasteful lighting schemes. A study by Dulex and the Mindlab International Laboratory at Sussex University indicates that for women, a re-decorated room can be just as pleasurable as sex.

These findings come from study in which researches measured the emotional responses of 19 participates, (12 of them women), who were presented with a series of hypothetical pleasurable scenarios including driving a fast car, making love, shopping with friends, eating chocolate, kissing, riding a roller coaster, and watching a favorite football team win.

For the ladies, the responses elicited by room redecoration were right on par with those of getting it on, both of which were found to be more pleasurable than shopping and chocolate. So take that, female stereotypes.

It's like an orgy!

It's like an orgy!

Dr. David Lewis, one of the researchers in this study, explained:

“It may surprise some people to realize that a newly re-decorated room can have such an impact on emotions. However our environment plays a big role in the mood. Think of how you feel on a warm sunny day in comparison to a grey winter morning. Our homes are the same — a beautifully decorated room can significantly enhance your mood.”

Conveniently, study sponsor Dulex is a European paint company whose line includes such colors as “Luscious Lime” and “Purple Pout.”

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