Strawberry Fuzz Documents Dirty Side of LA: L.A. indie punks Strawberry Fuzz surprise-released a new album, Strongs Dr., back in January of this year. The album is, they say, “a continuation of their previous releases’ documentation of the dirty underside of L.A. life, exhibiting a strong, infectious breed of fuzzy Cali surf-punk with an unapologetic bite.” The Mainliners and Frankie + the Studs also perform on this awesome Echoplex bill.

As vocalist Colby Rodgers wrote about their new release, “The album is a blend of all the people I grew up with in LA. Stoners, pill heads, downers, uppers, straight kids — it’s pretty much all in there. We named the album Strongs Dr. after the street our buddy Chris lives on in Venice. We spent a lot of long nights at his place during the making of the album. He also co-wrote and sings on the last voice memo recorded track with me. Shoutout Chris and the entire westside crew.”

Drummer Andy Warren continues, “Some of the best nights making the album were just sitting around Alex’s studio trying to come up with lyrics or tracking little bits and pieces. We’d pass around a bottle of Jameson, sitting in a cloud of cig smoke, sometimes til the sun would rise. This album captures the energy of our live show in a way that our other releases haven’t. The sounds are way bigger. It’s hard to bottle up the vibe of the live performance, but we found rad ways to figure that out. For ‘Wasting My Time’ and ‘Corner Store’ we applied different techniques, like recording the guitar, bass and drums all at the same time to try and bottle that energy up between us.”

Guitarist Kris Miller adds, “I wanted to punch myself in the face multiple times during the recording of this record. I’m glad we’re done.”

Strawberry Fuzz Documents Dirty Side of LA: The event takes place at 7 p.m. on Friday, August 11 at the Echoplex.































































































































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