Spiritual Truth: Ingrid Essawova-Frisby Reveals Most People Are Disconnected From Their True Self

It’s common to feel lost in today’s world. Information and expectations on how to live your life are thrown in your face 24/7. As a result, you feel unfulfilled, and none of your choices seem to turn out right. And therapy can’t solve that for you.

When did you last feel like your relationships and opportunities were thriving? As the founder of Simply True, Ingrid Essawova-Frisby is living her purpose as a Spiritual Life-Recovery Coach & Intuitive. Ingrid sees firsthand daily that people are increasingly frustrated and annoyed with themselves. That’s because they’re connected to their personality traits rather than their inner soulful self.

But you may not have realized that the consequence of being disconnected from yourself isn’t just a rough few days or even months. The effects can be manifold, locking you into a cycle of repetitive habits that lead you further and further away from contentment.

Therapy may be enough to make small lifestyle changes, but you need something more substantial to reconnect you to your true soulful self. The coach believes that is spirituality and what she terms ‘spiritual truth.’ The closer you are to your spiritual truth, the more things in life will go your way, uninfluenced by ego. All the answers are already there.

Salvaging your true soulful self

There are three tell-tale signs of being spiritually disconnected. First, your physical health takes a different path, leading to more aches, pains, and conditions. That’s because your physical well-being is directly connected to your emotions.

Second, you constantly get triggered, and your brain programming hardens, which causes higher emotional sensitivity and more inflexible judgment skills. Being set in your ways makes it easier to become emotionally triggered, and the pressure of expectations increases. Finally, spiritual disconnection can cause a loss of opportunities and relationships.

“If you don’t have the education of truth or the tools to navigate challenges, layers of additional judgment and expectation build-up,” Ingrid says. “You’re like a pressure cooker inside, ready to blow because you haven’t processed things from before. You’ll see and hear things differently that may not be true.”

Seeking your spirit

The good news is that attaining the benefits of spirituality is easier than you think. Some make the mistake of thinking that spirituality is outside of themselves and is only about a higher power.

Even though that is partly true, the more significant element is managing and navigating yourself 100% of the time, regardless of what is happening outside. Whether it’s through religion or nature, everyone’s spirituality is different. Therapy will only go so far; the right spiritual life recovery coach will take you all the way.

“Spiritual truth means realizing there are no rules,” the coach explains. “It’s freedom, action, and reaction. Like when a butterfly flaps its wings and a tree falls.”

Eliminate yourself from expectations entirely and form boundaries, standards, and policies with everyone and everything. If you release all expectations, you simultaneously release attachments and judgments, which are not in Ingrid’s vocabulary. She believes everyone deserves to be themselves as long as they understand the package they signed up for.

What matters is what is the best fit or match for you. Once you lift expectations off your shoulders, you’ll see that nothing is a coincidence and everything is as perfect as your soul desires.

Reaping the rewards

Ingrid believes that everything happens for you, and nothing happens to you. So if you can find your spiritual truth, you will attract a truthful reality. The benefits of that are innumerable, from physical alleviation to healthier relationships.

“The more you are connected to yourself, the more joy, unconditional love, and peace you’ll have,” Ingrid reveals. “You’ll also feel more content. That’s because you have the entire solution, unlike when you are disconnected from yourself.”

The most important thing to remember on your spiritual journey is that the real issue in all challenges is ourselves, what we live with, and what we live without. Therapy may be able to heal a couple of your relationships or cover up a few triggers, but spiritual realignment brings long-term change.

According to Ingrid Essawova-Frisby, our experiences that come to us and leave us are in our spiritual contract. The rest, however, is made up of our own free will. If you feel lost, reconnecting with yourself is the only way to be completely free. Are you still trying to get on the right path? The coach’s Emotional Bootcamp Recovery Program promises to relieve pain and heartache in two to three hours. It’s time for self-care!

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