While you were running back Jay Z and Kanye's impossibly out-of-touch single “Otis” last weekend, Spaceghostpurrp and Speak were recording in Miami's Poe Boy studios.

While you were recalling Jigga and 'Ye's humble roots, two of today's realest rising rappers were tending theirs.

While you were wondering what the hell a Hublot was, Purrp and Speak were riding the high of making music that doesn't tell what time it is, it tells what time it's about to be.

Inland Empire (specifically “Murda Val”) rapper/writer Speak, who flew to Miami to work with Timbaland in The Hit Factory studio, had a day off and connected with Spaceghostpurrp. They wound up in E-Class' Poe Boy studios (the name behind Flo Rida and Rick Ross, to name just a couple).

Though Speak and Purrp have been exchanging music over Twitter since early spring, they'd never met. Why did we get so excited when they finally did? Well, Speak's the one who told us about Spaceghostpurrp way back in March–before Syd spun Purrp's “Suck a Dick” at an Odd Future show in Pomona, and before blogs hungrily started sniffing at the Miami native.

“Our connection was so natural. You can't force that. It's not even like a collaboration. Purrp's like my little brother,” Speak says.

We told Speak we couldn't help but contrast “The Throne's” collaboration with his and Purrp's.

“That's a power move by two of the music stars in the world. It's supposed to climactic, but it doesn't connect. Kings and peasants. I mean, they have a song called 'N*ggas in Paris'. Watch the Throne is gonna have brilliant moments, but it's Wallstreet. It's a merger between Time Warner and AOL- they're just coming together to flex. They make more money in three hours of work than most people make in their whole lives.”

On Wednesday night, Purrp leaked “Way Back,” a breezily swirling track produced by Rancho Cucamonga's 19-year-old Michael Uzowuru, who's currently working with Om'Mas Keith as well as Odd Future's Domo Genesis. Speak's at home on the beat, which smells like Cali's sweetest sticky (we bet Curren$y calls Uzowuru soon); Spaceghostpurrp brushes off the pleasant blur of his moniker with surprisingly positive results.

“Purrp bends time and space. If you notice right before his verse on 'Way Back,' he says “'94.” Then he took a hit of weed, bobbed his head, and time traveled. He'll say, 'This flow is from '94,' or whatever year, and then his flow will be from that era.”

We let rap have its moment of reveling in grotesque wealth over a decade ago, which is one of the reasons “Otis” sounds like we've heard it before. But as evidenced over the past year by the success of Kreayshawn's anti-Rodeo Drive anthem “Gucci Gucci” or Tyler the Creator's beat-you-to-the-punch admission of jealousy over the rich kids, we're back to prefering our rap accessible.

Yeah, Jay, we know:

If you grew up with holes in ya zapatos/You'd be celebrating the minute you was havin' dough

“The kids are going crazy for 'Way Back,'” Speak says. “It's a testament to the times. This is not about watching the throne.”

You can watch the throne but you can never touch the crown? Nah, we're on to the next one.

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