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YG; Credit: Ryan Orange

Best Rapper

The rest of the country only recently caught on, but Los Angeles has long been riding for YG. Listen, and you'll hear him everywhere: That fat-bottomed bass line booming out of the '69 Chevy hittin' switches on Rosecrans belongs to his G-funked–up "Twist My Fingaz." His sparse, Drake and Kamaiyah–featuring......
A$AP Rocky; Credit: Mathew Tucciarone

When Did Rap Start Ruling Coachella?

In 2012, A$AP Rocky closed out Saturday night of Coachella in the Gobi tent. Considering he had only released his first mixtape, Deep Purple, the summer before, it was a plum set time for the Harlem rapper. Being a rap and Rocky lover, I was excited to see him perform......
Credit: Photo by Rebecca Haithcoat

Bag Check: Coachella Attendees Spill Their Five Essential Items

Packing for Coachella requires more thought than just tossing your wallet, keys and phone in your bag. First, you need to prepare for two drastically different temperatures: During the day, you'll boil in a bikini; at night, any uncovered skin breaks out into chill bumps. A dead cellphone is almost......
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Does the "Cut by Coachella" Diet Actually Work? I Tried It to Find Out

Like the persistent stereotype that everybody in L.A. is whippet-thin and Kardashian-beautiful, the notion that Coachella has become a fashionable playground where glamazon BFFs like Gigi and Kendall frolic is not entirely accurate. There are far more of us than them. However, you wouldn’t know that from the annual deluge......
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