The estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music debuted a new Michael Jackson song called “This Is It” last night at midnight, and fan reactions are coming in from around the world. Listen to the song here to make your own judgment, or rely on the “experts” at to decide for you.

“Personally I found it disappointing that the song vocal was so 'tinny' and that it is obviously unfinished. the song has managed to get massive coverage and attention, certainly it has across the UK and it is a bit of a let down. No other song released by Michael Jackson in the future (assuming there will be one) will manage to get that kind of attention across such a wide range of stations and I feel the opportunity has been wasted. Sony just found a demo with the same title as the concerts and put it out there, despite the fact there is no proper end to the song and the sound quality isn't up to scratch. They should have made the effort to secure some new material and send it out as a single. With a half good, contempory song, Sony could have achieved so much more. Shame.” — bobmoo79

“Sony know they can release a mediocre song now, on the back of Michael's recent death and make a fortune simply for that fact. They can then release a totally BANGING track in months or years to come and make another fortune. Problem is, by then, people may not care as they are so over being screwed over. Its like the boy who cried wolf….” — prettyoungthang

“This song is amazing! The part that amazes me the most is that it is just a demo! Why must everything be “modern day”? This has such a simplistic vibe but it is very very catchy. I can't stop replaying it in my head. I am very shocked at the the quality of Michael's voice, he sounds so young. I wish he was here to produce the final version of this track but, as a true fan, I will cherish this forever. I will NEVER forget any work Michael Jackson had a part of.” — mjfan82

“I actually love the song… Like all things life…. everything is subjective to the each individual. I LOVE IT. I don't nitpick every little thing, couldn't care too much about the technical stuff…..I am buying the album.” — mjjfan4ever

“You can't cover up his voice. His voice sounds great. I like it. Its not a big massive hit song like Billie Jean but I still like it. It's wierd how it ends though, doesn't sound finished, I'm guessing this is a demo?. There are two versions though yeh? They played the old recording not the new one with the orchestra? The more I hear it, the more I love it, if it was finished properly it could definitely be a big hit, actually it could be a big hit anyway because its Michael. But its not being released as a single – so theres no chance of that is there.” — rockin.

“Taking advantage of the freshness of his passing and his stratospheric popularity before it simmers down is key! Were they giving the King of Pop the time of day for marketing? Geez! And yes! How often do you get the single with the title that IS the title of the movie! Another wasted opportunity by Sony! What were they thinking???? There will never, never another chance like this again. Urgh! At times like these it's so tempting to cop out to conspiracy theories… ” — christy

When the song fades out, I feel like it's Schubert's Unfinished Symphony, it's very rare that MJ fades out a song without sudden dramatic end to a song or a long ad-libbed vamp.Regardless, it's a really pretty song & I definitely plan to buy the Cd in support of the movie. I can't wait for remixers like Roger Sanchez, Louie Vega or Francois K remix This Is it, they'll take the vocals & make it a danceable. — shimar

“The vocals are definitely from the Triumph era. 1980 would seem correct.” — derek1984

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