Snoop Dogg has had a peculiar relationship with the Brits: sometimes they don't let him in, sometimes he gets in trouble there, but he keeps trying to flirt with his UK fans again and again.

A while back he said he wanted to be on mainstream working-class soap opera Coronation Street. Hipper musicians (and Gary Numan) would have name-checked UK cult-comedy sensation The Mighty Boosh or even the IT Crowd, but Snoop (always the charmer of old ladies) went for the massive, popular favorite.

And now, he's confirmed his strange, old-lady Anglophilia with a special tune dedicate to… the Royals???

Apparently Lady Di's wet-noodle son is getting married and his brother (the charming one who goes to costume parties dressed like a Nazi) mentioned he wanted Snoop to be somehow involved.

Snoop obliged with a strip club tune called “Wet”. Listen:

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