The wonderful Lisa Carver has tracked down naked Internet gun enthusiast Rockglockcock, the model for one of the most meme-tastic photos that tends to illustrate many heated arguments in gun control forums.

She published her interview with the man/the myth/the meme in the upcoming issue of (where else?) Vice magazine.

Most surprising fact: this alternate-universe Russell Brand is a BONNAROO FEST freak (also a Renn Faire freak, but that's less shocking):

Seems like the internets made you. What would your life have been like had you been born in medieval times?

I'd be out there wearing a kilt and covered in blood-same as now. There's an event here in Tennessee called Bonnaroo. I wear nothing but a kilt and boots and a bandana. Last year it was the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Erykah Badu, Snoop Dog, and Nine Inch Nails. That's the main stage. There are two sub-stages, crazy food. I go to the X-box tent and play Rock Band. This will hopefully be my third year in a row of winning an 80-gigabite Zune.

Do you go to Renn Faires?

I have and I do still own a tunic made for me by my ex-wife.

(By the way, expect a Lisa Carver/LA Weekly surprise very, very soon.)


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