Sure, California may be a terrible place to find work these days, with the third worst job market in the nation.

But for women looking to be treated equally in the workplace, there's apparently no place like the Golden State.

U.S. News & World Report recently compiled a list of places with the greatest and least sex equality, and five California cities ranked in the top 10. None from California made the bottom of the list.

Which ones?

Salinas ranked third overall, followed immediately by Vallejo and LA. San Fransisco came in seventh and Sacramento ninth.

The top spot in the nation for sex equality in the workplace went to Durham, North Carolina.

To figure all this out, the folks at U.S. News says they “compiled these rankings by comparing male and female representation in the workforce, representation across industries, median annual earnings, and educational attainment in each city.”

The article includes some sobering stats on gender inequality, stating that women overall make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men, and that Latina women earn just 58 cents to the dollar.

Factors that influence gender equality include not only race, but also education and the number of public sector jobs in a city, as they tend to be more fair when considering hiring a woman.

So, where are women treated the least equally?

According to the list, it's Provo, Utah. But Texas makes a fine showing, taking four of the ten bottom spots.

LA Weekly