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Biggie Smalls; Credit: © Globe Photos photo via Newscom

Biggie Smalls' Mom Wants Grand Jury on Murder

It's been 15 years since someone murdered Biggie Smalls outside the Petersen Automotive Museum and then disappeared forever down Wilshire Boulevard in a dark-colored Chevy Impala. The music world is still waiting for answers. The family of Biggie, whose real name was Christopher Wallace, is among those still searching for......

Gigi Gordon’s Death Matters

Something was wrong. It was just after sundown in mid-January and Madelynn Kopple knew that her longtime friend, colleague and, most recently, housemate, famed ...
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Dastardly Deeds in Darts

It's not easy to piss off a bunch of beer-guzzling darts players. On the whole, the barroom sport, popular in Los Angeles locales like Hollywood, Santa Monica and Woodland Hills, tends to attract mild-mannered, blue-collar guys, artists and musicians — people with sure hands and a hearty sense of humor......