Tonight R. Kelly will be bringing his always amazing variety show to the Nokia. If you've never seen Kells live with a packed audience of his fans, you really should. The man is a powerhouse, old-school performer and his faithful, very responsive fanbase is almost as entertaining as what's going on onstage. (Note to the ironic Internet people and frat types who discovered R. Kelly through the “Trapped In the Closet” videos and the Chappelle Show parodies: leave your preconceptions at the door and be prepared to be blown away by a true showman.)

Kells has just released “Echo,” the new single from his much-delayed next album Untitled (allegedly dropping December 1st, but we never know), which we are sure he'll be performing live tonight.

The song features the customary masterful storytelling (“I called your boss and he knows you ain't coming in today/ so baby girl pack a bag and head to my place/

and when you get there don't stop, don't hesitate,/ I left the keys so let yourself in, baby./ Now drop your bags pull yourself a drink/ I left your next clue by the sink/ it should be a box with your name/ open it up see what's inside/ whatever it is, put it on/

and head to the bedroom…”), but it also features what we believe is a first in contemporary RnB: yodeling.

After telling his beloved that he'll give her an orgasm that will have her echoing, and that he'll get her “sounding like you're screaming from a mountain peak,” Kells proceeds to illustrate with some impressive yodeling skills that would put Heidi to shame.

(Video with evidence of R. Kelly's yodeling chops after the jump)

Here it is, from the Alpine mountains of Chicago–Yodelin' Kells!:

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