Some things speak for themselves. My only question, are you supposed to do the gravity bongs before or after this Malibu Schwayze/Cisco Beach Body Workout? News is out that Shwayze, Cisco Adler and DJ Skeet Skeet have a 24-minute workout routine available, sponsored by Nike. Was everyone involved in making this project totally stoned when they decided this would be a good idea? (This idea, however, got them paid by Nike. My ideas have yet to.)

This sentence is the highlight of the Nike Running blog: “The instruction is easy-to-follow and lighthearted — laced with the group's signature fun-loving 'Shwayziness.'”

Here's two minutes of the 24 minute workout from Malibu's finest (only?) rapper.

Shwayze, Cisco Adler and Skeet Skeet Beach Body Work Out (sample mp3)

My feeling on this is: If you've only got twenty minutes to do a workout, who needs any other one besides Jacenta1's?

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