Thanks for playing the most recent installment of our burger guessing game. After two that were fairly easy (Umami Burger; Rustic Canyon), the last burger was a bit more obscure. Still, though, somebody got it less than half an hour after the post went up. (@LAOCfoodie: congratulations, you're 3 for 3.) It was Michael Mina's Kobe burger, at XIV. (For the record, the Kobe burger is the only one of the 5 on the menu that is beef, which is required for this game. You want a turkey or falafel burger, both of which are also on Mina's menu, play with somebody else.)

So today's quiz should be easier, or at least one would think. The burger itself is 100% Angus chuck, quite thick, and cooked particularly well. (Not literally; it was medium-rare, even slightly less, as stipulated.) Melted Vermont Cheddar. Sliced lettuce and raw onion, both in a house-made spiced mayonnaise. That's it, other than the toasted bun, also house-made. No ketchup served with your burger, although they'll give it to you if you ask nicely. Adjacent pommes frites and aïoli. Did that give it away? Probably not, these days.

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