Who doesn’t want to make their partner climax? However, unlike with men, where an orgasm is typically followed by ejaculation, the woman’s body is more complex than that. Not only is it built differently, but it also works uniquely. That’s why it’s sometimes hard to know if she’s faking orgasm — but there are a few indications.

5 Signs That a Woman Is Faking Orgasm

Faking orgasm is more common than you think! According to a survey by the Journal of Sex Research, around 50% of women faked an orgasm before. Moreover, 67% of the women — who engaged in vaginal intercourse — said that they faked their orgasms in the past.

Here are a few ways to tell if she’s faking orgasm:

1. She’s not feeling too weak afterward

Sex takes a lot of energy! According to research by The Journal of the American Medical Association, men burn about 101 calories every sex session. Women, on the other hand, burn 69 calories every time they get it on with their partners. Though sex can burn calories — regardless if she’s actually having an orgasm, or she’s faking it — one way to tell that she’s faking hers is if she doesn’t feel too exhausted afterward. If she has the energy to get up right away and she isn’t too out of breath, she probably faked it!

2. You barely even did foreplay

Women have different erogenous zones — especially down there! Some women like their clitoris to be rubbed, and others enjoy g-spot stimulation. Either way, foreplay is important to engage in — because it prepares the mind and body for the actual act. Thus, if you lacked foreplay engagement, yet she claims that she climaxed, there’s a chance that she really didn’t. Because, again, her mind and body weren’t exactly prepared for the sex act — let alone the big O!

3. If she’s not shaking, she might be faking

A real female orgasm makes the majority of women “shake” — as the muscles contract while they’re climaxing. Yep! — the mind-blowing, toe-curling phenomenon is an actual thing! When she’s faking orgasm, however, there’s a chance that her body won’t tense up or spasm!

4. You just don’t feel “it”

The penis is an extremely sensitive body part. And one of the best ways to tell that she’s faking orgasm is if your dick is just not feeling “it” while it’s inside the vagina! Just like the rest of the female body, mid-orgasm, her pelvic floor muscles also contract; the anal, uterine, and pubococcygeus muscles also spasm when a woman is having a real orgasm. As a result, you’re supposed to feel the vagina pulsate.

5. And lastly, you just know that she’s faking orgasm

Sex is an intimate act. Most people say that it provides them (and their partners) with better physical and emotional connection — and the reason for this is that sex releases dopamine and oxytocin. So, if you can just “tell” that she’s faking orgasm, then she probably is. However, it’s important to just encourage your partner to open up and tell you what makes her orgasm — and what doesn’t. You can then focus on practicing that. Communication is very important in a relationship — or even if it’s just a casual hookup!

Last but Not Least,

Women are prone to faking orgasm to make their partners feel good about their performance. Now, if she did (and does) fake her orgasms, that doesn’t mean that you’re not skilled — or that you perform poorly. The female body is simply just complex — and not every time, she will reach climax. But there are a few ways to make it easier for her to achieve the big O: engage in more foreplay, stimulate the spots that arouse her the most, and communicate with her better to find out which acts make her have an orgasm.

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