We were reading this very interesting recent article on new trends in social media by Brian Solis (worth checking out–read it here on his blog) when we noticed this neat word cloud of words people use the most on their Twitter profiles. Solis interprets the chart as evidence that Tweeterers are a wholesome crowd interested in “Love. Life. World. Friends. Family.” But we dug a little deeper into the chart and noticed a few neat things, like the fact that on Twitter, Justin Bieber is definitely bigger that Jesus. Take a look:

Notice that? BIEBER is way bigger than tiny Jesus down there!

Other interesting things on the chart:

– Bieber (and Justin) is the only musician on it.

– Justin Bieber and Jesus are the only proper names on the chart.

– Marketing is bigger than Designers and Design. They are both bigger than Artist.

– DJ is way bigger than musician

So, who are these Twitterers: a bunch of Bieber-worshipping designers and DJs who love marketing.

It's a strange world out on the Internet.

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