The domino-playing Obama lookalike featured in the 1993 video for Tag Team's “Whoomp (There It Is),” proved to be none other than Los Angeles rapper “LA Sno” Brown.

According to Gawker, who were also responsible for spreading around the rumor/conspiracy/meme that the future president of the United States had a secret past as a party-hip-hop video extra, the video's creators identified the Fauxbama as their buddy LA Sno.

Here's “Obama” from the Tag Team hit:

And here's LA Sno from the video for Playa Poncho's “Whatz Up, Whatz Up,” featuring him:

From Gawker, here's the most hilarious exchange from their interview with the “Whoomp” auteurs:

Does L.A. Snow even resemble Obama at all?

DC: I don't think he looks like Obama.

Steve: Nah, he doesn't. He's way light-skinned.

DC: That's why they call him “Snow.”

Steve: And he's got a pill head. Like, a square pill head. He looks nothing like Obama. Obama's head is round. And he's got big ears. They just got that one frame shot that just looks like him.

Steve: 'Cause I looked at it and was like “wow,” he does look like him. That's cool.

(It is unclear, by the way, whether LA Sno is also an Indonesian or Nigerian Muslim.)

LA Weekly