That's the rumor, anyway, and I'm trying to confirm it right now. But it makes sense: the Crows' new album, Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings, dropped last week; they've been in town all this week gigging (a few nights ago for the Yahoo! Live series, and tomorrow at the Apple Store at the Grove); and at The Hotel Cafe's schedule on their website, tonight's listing features The Nightwatchmen (Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Merello's project) along with “Special Guests TBA!” Now, I know my punctuation rules. That exclamation point is worth a thousand words, and four of those are: “Counting Crows unannounced gig!”

Maybe. My source seemed pretty sure it's true. And as I said: I'm waiting for confirmation, though with secret shows said confirmation seldom comes. And your opinion on Counting Crows may dictate how you use the information I've just provided: you can go and rock out; or you can recruit a team of well-toned hair stylists to converge on the Hotel Cafe, wrestle Adam Duritz to the ground and cut his fricking dreads.

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