Update: At Staples Center they ended up performing “Niggas In Paris” seven times on December 11, nine times on December 12, and ten times on December 13.

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Do you enjoy “Niggas in Paris,” the Jay-Z and Kanye West single dominating radio right now? Great! Because you'll be hearing it 13 times when they perform at the Staples Center in a couple weeks.

See, it's just simple math. When they kicked off their Watch The Throne tour last month in Atlanta, they ended the show by playing “Niggas in Paris” — produced by L.A.'s own Hit Boy — three times. (“The crowd didn't ask for an encore that time,” tweeted someone named Freshalina. “Everyone was more than satisfied.”)

But that was nothing; by the time they'd made it to Miami on November 15 they closed with it five times, and in Boston on November 21 they did it six times. In Montreal the next night it was reportedly performed only five times, but in Detroit on Saturday they continued upping the ante with a seven-spot.

Considering the track is about three minutes and 50 seconds, that's more than 26 minutes straight of the same damn song.

We sent all of this info to our resident scientist Shea Serrano. Using linear regressions and shit, he calculated that at this rate Jay and 'Ye will be performing the song 13 times by the time they hit L.A. on December 11. That's about 50 minutes' worth of “Niggas in Paris.”

And also kind of awesome. Andy Kaufman-esque. It got us wondering how all of this came together.

Jay-Z is a crowd-pleaser at heart; he's famous for giving people what they want in concert. But this isn't that, exactly — it's more shoving what they want down their throat. Or like when you catch your kid smoking and force her to smoke a whole pack.

Kanye is know for being subversive, but this is weird even for him. Maybe it's some sort of meta commentary on the fleeting nature of hit singles? Perhaps the idea was to accelerate the process so quickly that, instead of fans tiring of the track after a few months, they'll tire of it in a single listening session.

Maybe it's a commentary about greed. The two of them have already taken plenty of shit for being one percent rappers, giddy over their Hublots and $350,000 Maybachs, while everyone else is just hoping to be able to afford Christmas presents this year. (Or Hanukkah candy or whatever.)

Or maybe they just wanna get the people going. They want to employ their arena rock power to the full on extent by screaming “AGAIN!” — again and again — igniting tens of thousands into yet another bout of slightly confused ecstasy.

Then again, maybe that shit is just cray.

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