Miranda Cosgrove is a Disney Nickelodeon nymphet (of the chaste-looking variety, i.e., a “not-a-Britney”). Many of our readers probably have no idea who she is, unless they're acquainted with children who watch her show iCarly, or are sad pervs who themselves watch her show iCarly.

Anyhow. She put a record out. It's pretty huge right now. One of the songs is called “Shakespeare” and features the line: “Do you like Shakespeare? Jeff Buckley? Watching movies on Sunday? Do you like kissing when it's raining?”

Miranda was 4 when Jeff Buckley went for his swim with destiny.

Our guess is that the jaded songwriters (like most Nickelodeon and Disney kids, this popette has some polished pros handling every aspect of her album) are baiting the press (us) to mention her.

Hey guys! It worked:

BONUS FUN FACT: The most Googled phrase involving Miranda Cosgrove is “miranda cosgrove ethnicity,” with “miranda cosgrove nationality” coming in at #9th. Number 8th most Googled: “miranda cosgrove breast” (singular). Disturbing obsession with race trumps underage boobage, clearly.

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