Tonight at 9 pm, at the always ecclectic Echo Curio, Elaine Layabout will be presenting a nifty New Year's Day showcase. Says the Curio people:

We are getting pretty good at turning over nights to other people, and they have pretty much been hitting them out of the park. Tonight will be no exception. ELAINE LAYABOUT has hosted probably more concerts than the Echo and Spaceland combined, and she covers all the bases quite well. From the dance-punk of the black clad ASA RANSOM to the un-aptly named intelli-punk of THE IGNORANT, we have the punk rock side of things covered. SEASONS and ANDY CLOCKWISE have the more complex but still rocking side of songwriting to the mix, with a healthy dose of keyboards and back up singers thrown in. This is definitely a high energy and sweaty way to start the New Year but that is how we like it.

The show was originally supposed to be headlined by Salinas' Mystery Lights, but they have cancelled until February. Which leaves us with an Asa Ransom-topped bill–by no means a bad thing.

Of all the bands pouring out of Brooklyn providing versions of the “angular disco” sound, Asa Ransom easily stands out due to the peculiar intonation of vocalist JingJing and the jingle-jangle, Chinese-restaurant-Muzak vibe of their beats. Though their recordings are interesting in a rather mellow way, their live shows have a reputation for sweaty danceability. They opened last night for Fool's Gold at the Standard and will play Cinefamily on Sunday, but the Echo Curio should provide a nice intimate setting for their up-and-coming act.

Video after the jump.

Asa Ransom live on Fearless Music:

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