Never mind the Lady Gagas, Here's… Linda Perhacs?

Most likely you haven't heard of Linda Perhacs and most likely you've heard of Lady Gaga. Still, Gaga really made one so-so album she's been pimping to death for about 3 years (reversions, remixes, “singles,” etc.). Linda Perhacs, on the other hand, also made one album back in 1970, but that one album is AMAZING and you should own a copy of it.

Really, you should.

It's called Parallelograms and it's the dope. The shit. The real thang. Whatever you wanna call it. (You can download it from one of the music blogs, but, trust us, you'll immediately want to buy a good-sounding legit copy that also goes to support its creator.)

Did you get it? Good–then you know what we're talking about.

Now that we're all on the same page, you should know Linda is playing this weekend at the New Los Angeles Folk Festival at HM 157 in Lincoln Heights. The festival is organized by our contributor Daiana Feuer, who has become a committed supporter of the more acoustic side of contemporary performing scenes. Daiana is a relentless cheerleader on behalf of good folk music in Los Angeles and her booking of cult singer Linda Perhacs links her efforts to a grand tradition of warm, smart LA sounds.

Catch the New Los Angeles Festival this Saturday, August 7th at HM 157, 3110 N. Broadway, 90031, from 2:30 to Midnight. Admission is only $15. Perhacs' set is scheduled for 10:30 pm.

More details:

Beard contest, raffle, Metl tequila & mezcal specials, O.N.E. coconut water, food by The Little Frenchie truck, and many surprises to be announced.

Festival proceeds will go to the Environmental Defense Fund's Gulf oil crisis relief efforts. Watch the Les Shelleys PSA about The New LA Folk Fest's charitable cause.


Robert James 2:30

Sandra Sarra 3:15

Yellow Red Sparks 4

Olentangy John 4:45

LA Ladies Choir 5:30

He's My Brother, She's My Sister 6:15

Eagle Winged Palace 7

Mia Doi Todd 7:45

Les Shelleys 8:40

Ariana Delawari 9:30

Linda Perhacs 10:30

Henry Wolfe 11:30

Special Guest 12:15 (inside)

Special Guest 12:45 (inside)

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