The circuitously fortuitous journey undertaken by the musician known as Laraaji began — as many journeys of thousands of miles do — with a single step. Buying a pawn-shop zither in the '70s on an auspicious whim, he was heard while busking in a park by Brian Eno and signed on the spot to his Editions EG label, an act that produced Ambient 3: Day of Radiance, one of the more enduring and emblematic ambient albums of the '70s. At points raucous, funky, contemplative and transcendent, Laraaji's music is something meant to access the higher aspects of your being, bringing you to a deeper sense of self-awareness — but not self-consciousness — through listening. To put it more metaphysically: Close two eyes, and another one opens. Also tonight: modern-day ambiance merchants Dallas Acid and laughing meditator and/or sound healer Arjhiroula “Arji” Cakouros (OceAnanda).

Laraaji plays with Arji OceAnanda and Dallas Acid at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 13, at Zebulon.

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