It's been 40 years since Joe Jackson glided onto the music scene with his signature mixture of beautifully introspective songwriting, intimately captivating showmanship and raucously exciting piano playing. To celebrate the intervening four decades — and all the ceaseless creativity that implies — Jackson tours America, with a stop tonight at the Orpheum, one of the few venues able to truly showcase the radiance of his works. You'll hear Jackson's renditions of songs from five of his albums: 1979's Look Sharp, 1982's Night and Day, 1991's Laughter and Lust, 2008's Rain and his latest, Fool, released in January. Besides all that, he'll play some covers and odds and ends from other albums along the way. You never quite know what Jackson will do with the songs he commands — even his own music — so much so that every time he plays a song you love, he makes it new and unique.

Joe Jackson plays on Friday, March 8, at the Orpheum.

LA Weekly