Avengement belongs to that subgenre of ultraviolent British crime films pioneered by the likes of Mike Hodges, Alan Clarke and John Mackenzie. Scott Adkins stars as a criminal lowlife on furlough from a hefty prison sentence. His first order of business is to shake off the guards that accompany him and return to the London neighborhood to locate the guys who set him up. Endowed with Jackie Chan–like powers, he proceeds to punch, kick, slice and fire his way through a roster of scum in an all-out rampage of revenge. Jesse V. Johnson directed.

Monica Film Center, 1332 2nd St., Santa Monica, Fri., May 24, various showtimes; $9-$12. (310)-478-3836.
Also opening Friday, May 25: Brightburn; Booksmart; Echo in the Canyon; Diamantino; Funny Story; The Poison Rose

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