Your kid's Happy Meal just got a little unhappier, at least for McDonald's. Yesterday a Sacramento mother, Monet Parham, filed a class action lawsuit against the fast food giant. The suit was filed in conjunction with the Center for Science in the Public Interest in California Superior Court in San Francisco, which was not an accident, given that city's recent “Healthy Meal” bill.

Mother Jones quotes Parham as saying, “I object to the fact that McDonald's is getting into my kids' heads without my permission and actually changing what my kids want to eat… what kids see as a fun toy, I now realize is a sophisticated, high-tech marketing scheme that's destined to put McDonald's between me and my daughters… I want McDonald's to stop interfering with my family.” Parham is the mother of a 6 year-old and a 2 year-old, both of whom apparently really, really like Happy Meals.

That Happy Meals are terrible for your kids is perhaps not the point. But a lawsuit? As CNN pointed out this morning, the kids do not buy the hamburgers; their parents do. Nancy Reagan (of all people) maybe put it best: “Just say no.”

LA Weekly