Mild Minds is a True Original: Australia-born, L.A.-based DJ and producer Mild Minds got into producing when he was 14, dabbling with music creation software tools such as FL studio and Acid Music.

“I got serious around age 20 when things started getting picked up on blogs,” he told us. “It was an exciting time.”

He says that with this Mild Minds project, he is trying to create something original and not be tied down by sub-genre tags.

“For example, combining different polyrhythms and swaying between broken beats and four four beats depending on the track,” he says. “I’m also really keen on exploring all the shades of melancholy when it comes to chords and harmony. We’ve seen dance music become really obvious as EDM broke out into the mainstream, and then you have this dark minimal contrast of techno, the idea was for this to find spaces in between that haven’t been explored for a while.”

The artist is part of Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective.

“My manager happened to be working with them on something else and showed them what I was working on,” he says. “It’s been a great launch pad for the music.”

His new single is “NO SKIN,” a song which saw him receive a bit of help.

“The instrumental on this one was mainly started by my collaborator on the track, Frameworks,” he says. “The feel and drum production was exactly where I was sitting at that time and loved how fresh it felt. The hook came to me pretty quite, then I wrote the lyrics which are about a person I used to know who is always on the run, moving onto something new, changing identities to suit her surroundings. I felt it was kind of sad but an interesting topic to explore.”

Mild Minds says that he has plenty planned for the remainder of this year.

“So the aim was to do about four to five singles this year, swinging between vocal songs and club tracks,” he says. “Then an album next year. Looks like three are locked in so far and hopefully a 4th in November. All really exciting stuff.”

Mild Minds is a True Original: Mild Minds’ single “NO SKIN” is out now. 

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