Once upon a time, Hedi Slimane was a queer kid who was way into the cover of Bowie's David Live album.

Then he ran Dior for a while. He lived the high-fashion life. Made stylish, tailored and androgynous hip and viceversa.

Then he left. Rumor had it he had become a full-time photographer. Another rumor had it that he was living in LA, taking photos of beautiful young sk8r bois.

And now he's reemerged directing a video for a make-up artist (?!?), starring Georgia May Jagger –Mick and Jerry's gap-toothed, often topless daughter– and featuring the music of current UK buzzband Egyptian Hip Hop.

Isn't it sad that when you wanna learn about hip-hop from Egypt on the Internet you're now gonna have to weed through a lot of sites about a UK buzzband? Not useful, as Mark Zuckerberg would say.

So, this one is for you, fans of Purple Magazine, the NME and topless daughters of cock rock stars:

LA Weekly