It's not as if you need additional proof of the fact that Lou Reed exists on a different spiritual plane than you, I, or any average rock star.

Exhibit #12: This man was making Velvet Underground albums IN THE SIXITIES.

But still, more than any one rock star I can think of, he goes out of his way to prove his extra-planetary, erm, vision? Uh, his consistency? (Well, no that's not it.) How about HIS INTEREST AND EXPERTISE IN VARIOUS FORMS OF HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT AND MARTIAL ARTS.

Yeah that's it. So I bring you…

Exhibit #5,000,032 in support of Lou Reed's extra-planetary interest and expertise in various forms of hand-to-hand combat and martial arts: Lou Reed recently did some freelance photography for Madison Square Garden during a match between boxers Wladimir Klitschko and Sultan Ibragimov in late February. And he appears to have completed the assignment WITH HIS CELL PHONE. A few lovely samples accompany this post thanks to the kind folks at Pitchfork whom made an off-handed post about Reed's sideline, alerting me to the complete madness.

What you ask is Exhibit #5,000,033 proving Lou Reed's otherwordly interest and expertise in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts?: He Twittered about the match. And I quote:

Here at the Garden and ready to head upstairs in a few moments – just got done with a gig w/ John Zorn @ Henry Street settlement 09:20 PM February 23, 2008 from web

3rd row in – first round and a lot of dancing going on – no real damage! Sitting here beside Vince McMahon and WWE stars 09:45 PM February 23, 2008

there is where they are supposed to let it all hang out and go for broke – it's not Klitschko's way! 10:26 PM February 23, 2008

After the jump, the real mind exploder: my favorite ever incarnation of Lou Reed, that being Tai Chi Lou Reed!

Exhibit #4,765,296 proving Lou Reed's interest and expertise in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts

I know, right?

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