If you are (like us) one of the millions who were really bummed out when Le Tigre went on permanent hiatus (or broke up, or took some time off for JD to go minimal and experimental with impossible-to-Google agit-pop goup MEN and Kathleen Hanna to hang out with her Beastie Boy, or whatever really happened), there's good news and weird news.

The good news (rumored since the Summer of '09) is that Le Tigre had collaborated on a track (or more) with another artist.

The weird news: said artist is Christina Aguilera, whose upcoming album Bionic, due in June and allegedly featuring the Le Tigre collaboration, will start being unveiled today with single “Not Myself Tonight.”

(By the way, “Not Myself Tonight”? Really? What is it with the pop starlets and the constant talk about shifting identities? United States of Sybill much?)

Anyways, here's Aguilera's just unveiled cover (courtesy of MTV):

We hear robot is the new zombie, by the way.

The NME has a quote from Christina about her choice of collaborators (though it sounds like her publicist, unless Christina talks like a flak nowadays. Who knows. Have you ever seen her in person? Shopping around Los Feliz? We have–she's tiiiiiiny! We digress.):

Working on this album with so many talented artists and producers that I admire was really an amazing experience,” said Aguilera of her collaborators. “The artists I chose to work with added so many unique song layers to 'Bionic'. My intention was to step into their world and what they do combined with my own vision and sound. The results were magic.

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