Apparently James Murphy is in town working on his record, and accompanied Aziz Ansari to the MTV Music Awards the other night. The blog post he wrote the next morning is priceless:

Among the things he learned after the jump:

1. will ferrell is very nice in person, and must be exhausted with how much effort he puts in to seeming like a decent, regular guy. i met him very quickly and he was so absurdly nice that i felt like a dick for all the times i was wooden and awkward with strangers at a festival or something.

2. danny mcbride is fucking hilarious. and pretty much like you expect.

3. eminem is a better actor than you think.

4. pr people and “young hollywood” seem like, literally, different species of animal.

5. young, self-satisfied, confident celebrities are weird to be near.

(via The Daily Swarm via Pitchfork.)

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