Lesbians (and those accused of being lesbians) unite!

It's been a while since there's been a good sexist-outrage riot, and the Bloomingdale's at Westfield Century City has all the makings of a new Stonewall.

A woman is claiming that a salesman in the men's department treated her badly when she tried to buy a fancy shirt with French cuffs to wear at her wedding, refusing to measure her and telling her, “You're a woman; you shouldn't wear men's clothing!”

The woman, Rebecca Peterson-Fisher, is now suing the pants off of Bloomingdale's and the salesman, claiming sex discrimination.

According to the lawsuit, Peterson-Fisher went to the store to buy a wedding shirt less than a week before her Big Day last August. After checking out a few shirts and telling the salesman that she was buying the shirt for herself, she says that “She became aware that both his tone of voice and the way he was looking at her was extremely offensive.”

“Why are you buying a man's shirt anyway?” Peterson-Fisher claims the salesman asked her. “You're a woman.”

Peterson-Fisher says that after requesting the name of the salesman's supervisor, she walked over to the jewelry section and wept.

Bloomingdale's did apparently offer Peterson-Fisher a free shirt, but she says she can't bear to visit or shop at the store again. Her lawsuit accuses the store and salesman of refusing her services “because of her actual or perceived sex or sexual orientation.”

A spokesman for Bloomingdale's parent company told the LA Times that he cannot comment on pending litigation.

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