Lauren Mia is Riding a Tidal Wave of Success: Los Angeles DJ and producer Lauren Mia says that she started “raving” in the city when she was 14, exploring as many different sub-genres as she could find. As soon as she started creating music herself, she was serious about it.

I had a complete epiphany, a clear vision of my future while at Lightning in a Bottle five years ago,” Mia says. “I stumbled upon an artist by the name of Stephan Bodzin. He completely blew my mind. This was the first time I experienced this genre of music — which is becoming more popular here in the states! Something came over me, a vision of me in my 30’s in front of a massive crowd of people. Outdoors, open air. At that moment, my fate was sealed. I bought my first turntables the day after, and started a mentorship from a friend who goes by the name of Gravity. All time OG scratcher who mixes only on vinyl.”

“I learned initially on vinyl, but further continued on Traktor – before making my way to the Pioneer industry standard DJ equipment,” she continues. “I decided to go to audio engineering school here in L.A. for a few years. Over the course of three years, I attended two separate schools for music production & audio engineering. Enhancing my skills in not just music production, but also mixing, mastering and advanced sound design. Over the following years, I completely fell in love with the Melodic Techno genre – it’s deep, innovative and emotional journeys are some of the best in my opinion. I am an emotional soul and these musical experiences I feel are best experienced as a journey.”

Mia released her debut EP, Puzzle Piece, in 2017. Her breakthrough came when respected UK label Somatic scouted her and she released the “Masquerade” single.

“[It] ended up topping the Melodic Techno beatport charts, she says. “It got heavy support in the playlist realm, this was my first true taste of success. Over the years I decided to move to different countries, first being Australia, followed by Berlin for a few years. I released with a slew of other respected indie electronic labels in the space in Europe, Click Records, Harabe, and Awen Records, all the while locking in my progressive, melodic sound palette. 2021 is where things started really picking up, starting the year with a release with Anjunadeep on their Explorations compilation.”

“This has been a goal label from the beginning, things were really starting to feel real,” she continues. “Real and attainable. We did one single named after a good friend who passed the year before. The support Anjunadeep has provided since then has been just amazing, they really take care of their people. They added me to about 8 tour dates on their touring concept all over the US. A lot more in store there, but this year an artist by the name of Paraleven on Rose Avenue reached out to me about remixing one of his album records. I put this out a few months ago and it’s one of my most popular songs to date. I’ve been deep in studio hibernation mode stacking up as much music as possible for a massive 2022. A lot of things in store, touring is really starting to pick up and honestly I am all just so grateful for what’s happening!”

Mia describes her sound as, “Progressive, melodic, cinematic, emotional electronic dance music intended to inspire, elevate and unify listeners into the present moment.”

“I stay right on the edge of deep house/progressive house and melodic techno,” she says. “My sound can swing both ways but aim to still make it sound like me! I want people to be able to hear a record and hear my essence regardless of the specific genre. But I want to be able to make what I want to make and not pigeonhole my sound into one genre, I don’t want to limit myself and my creations in that way.”

Like everyone else, the pandemic and lockdown hit Mia hard but she’s working through it.

I remember when shows started to pick back up,” she says. “It started in the underground, of course! The larger promoters I feel were a bit hesitant to be the first ones to start throwing events but once I started getting those text message blasts from all the incredible local underground promoters carrying the scene, I knew things were going to get better. What was considered underground threee years ago seems to be getting a lot more attention here in L.A. now. I opened for TESTPILOT at Exchange a few weeks ago and it was nearly sold out. People are hungry for a good time, I think there are still a lot of hesitations around all the new regulations but in 2022 it’s going to be big. I just have a feeling it’s going to be a renaissance of sorts when it comes to the music scene here in L.A. and worldwide.”

2021 has been a great year for Mia, and there’s more to come.

Releases with Anjunadeep, Rose Avenue, Harabe, Isolabella, Manuel Music, livestream at Exchange with Insomniac Events and finishing up the year with my first official tour all over the United States,” she says. “I’m excited to play some extraordinary venues like The Concourse Project, Spybar, and The Brooklyn Mirage. I do have some things in the works that I can’t really talk about yet but when they happen they are going to be special. Cannot wait for 2022. I have such a solid team behind me now, beyond grateful for what’s to come and what has passed. The journey has been one to remember and I feel I’m only scratching the surface.”

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