Update: “Lara Logan Confirms She Was Brutally and Repeatedly Raped in Egypt: Why Did the Media Think She Wasn't?

Lara Logan has told the New York Times' Brian Stelter that she was repeatedly raped by the hands of many men in Tahrir Square in February.

Logan will tell further details on 60 Minutes on Sunday night. For weeks, a controversy had simmered over what really happened to Logan after CBS stated that she had been repeatedly and brutally sexually assaulted. But soon after that, an anonymous source told the Wall Street Journal and others that the brutal sexual assault did not include rape.

Now the story has turned again. The LA Weekly ran a correction in The Informer when critics insisted its original post about her rape had been inaccurate. The original Informer post was headlined “Lara Logan, CBS Reporter and Warzone 'It Girl,' Raped Repeatedly Amid Egypt Celebration.”

According to Stelter, a code of silence exists in journalism in which sexual threats against female journalists are rarely discussed.

Logan told Stelter that in contrast to physical wounds often suffered by journalists working in war zones, when it comes to sexual violence, “you only have your word.”

It appears that CBS News decided to tackle this code of silence in journalism. As Stelter reports:

Jeff Fager, the chairman of CBS News and the executive producer of “60 Minutes,” said that the forthcoming segment about the assault on Ms. Logan would raise awareness of the issue. “There's a code of silence about it that I think is in Lara's interest and in our interest to break,” he said.

LA Weekly