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Credit: Olivier Bruchez/Flickr

What L.A.'s Spanish Street Names Mean in English

In a city that's about 55 percent Spanish-speaking, not to mention those adorers of Spanish who learned it at school or on the fly, we still have a couple million Angelenos who haven't got a clue how colorful L.A.'s Spanish-named streets really are.  How much more fun — not to......
Massive land movement wipes out Vasquez Canyon Road in Los Angeles.; Credit: Courtesy of KTLA 5

Bizarre Landslide Wipes Out Major L.A. Commuter Road in Canyon Country

Mother Nature had a hissy fit yesterday and today, buckling Vasquez Canyon Road east of Bouquet Canyon in the countrified Los Angeles suburbs, pushing up and rumpling a 150-foot stretch of roadway, in some places 20 feet into the air, and dragging Southern California Edison's transmission poles right along with......
How do you secretly smuggle into California a bunch of Amazonian arapaimas

How Not to Smuggle a Human-Sized, Air-Breathing Fish Into Los Angeles

An evil international criminal based in the quiet San Fernando Valley neighborhood of West Hills sent Interpol and U.S. federal agents tracking him around the globe, mockingly hid out in Mexico for years, finally got nabbed by "special agents" for the United States Fish & Wildlife Service and today is......
Michele Serros published her first book while still a student at Santa Monica College.; Credit: Courtesy of UCLA Dept. of Chicana/o Studies

For Day of the Dead, 10 People We Lost in 2015 and Miss The Most

The Mexican spiritual holiday Día de Muertos is nothing like the hard-partying, skull-faced hoopla celebrated by L.A.'s own indigenous peoples, the hipsters. On the first day of the two-day observation in Mexico, children craft a child's altar indoors to welcome angelicas, the spirits of dead children,  to enter their homes. On day two, the......
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