Here we go again…

After defeating AT&T's efforts to build a cell phone tower on top of a condominium at 125 North Doheny, LA residents are downright pissed to find that the city will be revisiting the same cell phone tower proposal… again.

“Something's not right,” said longtime resident Rick Heller, stating that the LA Planning Commission's decision to give AT&T another hearing despite two failed appeals “smells like corruption.”

LA City Planning Commissioner Susan Whisnant declined to comment on the issue

(and actually hung up on me when I called).

Heller, who is heading the fight against the plan, first became aware of the proposal in September after he read posts tacked onto the condominium, informing residents about the cell phone towers.

In response, he and a neighbor launched an effective petition campaign opposing the tower, which would be built in the middle of a busy residential area.

In October, Heller and the 130 neighbors who signed the petition were elated to hear that planning officials had turned down AT&T's second appeal and said that they would not revisit the proposal.

But apparently, the planning commission didn't mean it.

The planning commission later announced they will reconsider the tower plan at their meeting on Jan. 11.

Chris Koontz, who is the planning deputy with 5th District Councilman Paul Koretz's office, said that the councilman, who represents the region, has not yet determined if he will send someone to the upcoming commission meeting.

Are you serious, Koretz? Come on!

If AT&T's bid for the cell phone tower is rejected at the Jan. 11 meeting, who knows what will happen next?

The phone giant can let it go or sue the city for not allowing them to build the tower.

…Can we all get off the proverbial merry-go-round now?? Thanks.

LA Weekly