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Workers warn of unsanitary conditions at LAX facilities; Credit: Unite Here

LAX Food Prep Workers Cite Sanitation Problems, Labor Strife

As if we need another reason to avoid airport food... Now, LAX workers warn that poor conditions at local food prep facilities may pose safety hazards to travelers. Workers responsible for in-flight food at 12 airlines held a protest near the airport on Friday to highlight hazardous work conditions at......
Protesters demand banks save their homes; Credit: Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment

22 Southern California Homeowners Protesting Foreclosures Arrested At Chase Bank

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This happens to us everyday; Credit: Corbis

TSA-Like Pat-downs Are Nothing New in the Inner City

Arbitrary searches, humiliating pat-downs, unwanted fondling by authorities - such experiences have become a thing of horror among airplane passengers these days. This time, airline officials are no longer limiting such screenings to suspected "terrorists" (aka anyone appearing South Asian, Muslim, or of Arab descent). Now anyone, including the lady......
Should Pacquaio fight Marquez?; Credit: Fox News

Pacquaio Expresses Little Interest in Fighting Marquez

Winning an unprecedented eight weight division titles to become the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world has earned Manny Pacquaio some serious bragging rights. But it also comes with its pitfalls. Since the Filipino boxer's impressive win against Antonio Margarito for the super welterweight title on Nov. 13, nary a......
Let's keep our privates private.; Credit: Los Angeles Times

TSA-Proof your Underwear So Your Private Parts Don't Show Up on the Big Screen

If you're a frequent traveler, here's one holiday gift you'll want to unwrap before Christmas Day approaches - underwear that works double-time to shield your genitals from radiation and conceal them from pesky airline screeners. The novelty underwear comes with ultra-strong, weapons-grade tungsten lining and fibers that supposedly bounce away......
Black Friday shoppers gone wild; Credit: myfoxtampabay.com

Black Friday Shoppers Continue Their Nastiness During the Holidays

More consumers throughout the country are trekking to malls and shops to take advantage of super savings as part of this year's Black Friday, and in the process, causing a ruckus. The longer lines, heavier traffic and filled up parking lots at shopping centers are confirming reports by industry analysts......
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Website Commemorates Kanye West's Top 10 Meltdown Moments

Just when you thought America's favorite hip-hop star had put all of his embarrassing moments behind him, you cringe when you hear radio hosts poking fun at his latest...embarrassing moment. This time it's Kanye chastising Matt Lauer while on the set of NBC's "Today" show on Tuesday for showing archival......
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