L.A. Pride announced its June festivities for 2021 and absent were the traditional parade and festival—once again canceled because of the pandemic.

Instead, organizers Christopher Street West Association (CSW) said its June 10 Pride celebration will consist of a TikTok sponsored concert with headliner Charlie XCX and a one hour special titled Thrive with Pride Celebration, airing on KABC-TV.

“To thrive means to flourish and progress despite the circumstances. Pride this year is a moment for you to stop and breathe,”, CSW board President Sharon-Franklin Brown said. “It’s a moment to remember you’re not just surviving one of the hardest years in recent memory, but growing into your truth. If we as a community can come together, even for a moment, to realize we’ve broken down some barriers put on us, it’ll strengthen our resolve to continue tearing more down for those to come after us.”

The 2020 festival and parade were also canceled during what was supposed to be its 50th anniversary. While the L.A. Pride organizers attempted a collaboration with local Black leaders for a march of solidarity, plans fell through, instead leading to an independent “All Black Lives Matter” march in Hollywood, where the LGBTQ community was encouraged to attend.

In the midst of 2020’s planning, Pride organizers also announced a move out of Hollywood after 49 years celebrating in the city. The new location has since not been disclosed.

LA Weekly