A march in solidarity with the black community that was planned for L.A. Pride will continue forward without the original organization on Sunday, June 14. Instead, it will be the All Black Lives Matter solidarity march.

L.A. Pride had originally announced that while its usual parade and celebration would not continue over concerns of COVID-19, it would march in solidarity with the black community down Hollywood Boulevard.

L.A. Pride and the Christopher Street West Association had reached out to several black and black LGBTQ organizations to make sure they went about their support with their approval. However, when they reached out to the city for formal permits, the organizers said they “overlooked the direct police involvement that permitting involved.”

While L.A. Pride would not be moving forward with its protest, a group of black LGBTQ leaders got together to form an advisory board called “All Black Lives Matter,” which is supported by Black Lives Matter.

ABLM will “amplify black queer and trans voices and come together in solidarity.”

Through social media posts, L.A. Pride still encouraged the LGBTQ community to support the protest, although they would not be technically involved in the gathering. 

Jeff Consoletti — CEO of the event production company JJLA, which was originally asked by Pride L.A. to seek out the proper permits — has since publicly apologized for not immediately realizing the problem with getting police permits for a rally that would be against police brutality.

LA Weekly