KLM Meet & Seat: Getting Guys Laid Since 2012

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In what could only be described as a godsend to burgeoning Quagmires across the world, two major airlines have recently launched “social seating” programs that allow passengers on upcoming flights to network via social media apps.

Bloggers, business writers and perverts like us are already setting the Internet ablaze with predictions for the new programs offered by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Malaysia Airlines.

The companies have been emphasizing the potential job- and travel itinerary-related networking opportunities that their respective KLM Meet & Seat and MHbuddy applications could provide.

Most others are speculating as to the possible improvement in the chances for easy Mile High hooking up. Really, what is more boring than the average long plane flight? It only makes sense to use the Internet to find the one attractive, interesting person on the flight and, through Facebook or LinkedIn, chat each other up before takeoff.

KLM's service even allows the passengers to post their seat on an interactive chart and move around to sit next to the man or woman of their dreams (or, at least, someone you wouldn't mind fondling under a cheap felt blanket).

It may seem kind of creepy to share personal information with people with whom you have nothing in common but a travel destination, and lonely weirdos plus lots of in-flight booze might turn the plane into the world's most claustrophobic singles bar at closing time, but it would also be worth it if one good relationship or seriously fun illicit rendezvous results.

If only whiny, crying babies had Facebook profiles to let us avoid them, then they would really be on to something.

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