Danielle Bacher

Ariel Pink; Credit: Danielle Bacher

Underage Drinking on Christmas Eve With Ariel Pink

[Editor's note: Soon-to-be-award-winning gonzo music journalist Danielle Bacher prowls the late late night scene for West Coast Sound. For this installment, she hit the town with controversial musician Ariel Pink, whose latest album, pom pom, was released in November on 4AD Records]....
Jena Malone; Credit: Photo by Danielle Bacher

My Wild Nights with Jena Malone

. Sometimes in life you get to meet a movie star. Three things can happen: 1.) You geek out in your two minutes together, get a quick photo and brag about it on social media for the entire week. 2.) The movie star is an entitled asshole who blows you......
Smoke DZA; Credit: Danielle Bacher

Smoke DZA Lives Up to His Name

Editor's note: Soon-to-be-award-winning gonzo music journalist Danielle Bacher prowls the late late night scene for West Coast Sound. For this installment, she hit the town with New York rapper Smoke DZA, who released his latest album last week. Also along were his manager Bric and some friends. 8:55 p.m.: I walk......
Prohgress (Left) and Kev Nish (Right); Credit: Danielle Bacher

I Partied Hard With Far East Movement

2:37 p.m.: It's mid-September, and I'm at the Mad Decent Block Party in Downtown L.A., watching a bleary-eyed girl sit cross-legged on the ground. She just puked nachos into a trashcan. She proceeds to pop three ecstasy pills into her mouth. She pulls down her black tank to reveal her......
Skee-Lo; Credit: Danielle Bacher

Hanging Out With Skee-Lo, Who's Now Kind of a Baller

11:00 p.m.: Skee-Lo (real name: Antoine Roundtree) sits next to his wife on a couch and takes a sip of water from a plastic Bacardi cup. He wraps his arm around the back of her neck, displaying a silver wedding band on his ring finger. "For those who try to......
Credit: Danielle Bacher

Dave Navarro Made Me Cry

7:47 p.m.: I'm standing in the lobby of guitarist Dave Navarro's high-rise loft building in Hollywood. I'm tall and wearing heels, so I'm wondering if I'll tower over him, since he's 5'9". The man at the reception desk asks me if I'm waiting for anyone. I tell him. He looks......
Credit: Danielle Bacher

A Wild Night on the Town With Rapper Problem

10:21 p.m.: I'm driving down Saticoy Street in North Hollywood. I look over to my left and notice a young woman with curly black hair bobbing her head up and down on a guy's lap in a black Corvette. She tilts her flushed face back and kisses him on his......
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