In October, the rock band KISS will release its first new LP since Psycho Circus, the band's 1998 reunion album. In conjunction (read: marketing brilliance), KISS will also release limited edition, namesake M&M's. Think of it as Mars candy-covered chocolate meets Hershey's Kisses. Well, sort of.

For those who didn't grow up in the 1970's, the idea of a band called KISS slapping their name on chocolate may sound like the perfect marriage of love and cocoa beans. For the rest of us, there are those fond memories of creepy clown makeup, blood-spitting, and deafening amplifiers. All of this occurs, admittedly, as we pop another half dozen chocolate candies into our mouths.

Curiously, searching the M&M's website for KISS results in no hits. Perhaps the M&M's characters, each with a distinctly “round” personality (translation = poignantly soft, but don't tell the M&M's that), are less than thrilled with the idea of a crew of skinny-legged Baby Boomer boys invading the candy dish.

Pledge Allegiance to the State of Chocolate.

LA Weekly