Kid Cudi and Nigo Want it Bad: Japanese cultural icon Nigo has released a new single and video with Kid Cudi called “Want it Bad,” and it’s a bonafide banger.

It seems to be a classic underdog story, as Cudi croons, “Story of a kid who was feelin’ low (Yeah), Turn the life of me, then we set the scene, On my grind, I work hard, Lord hit me, woah, tell ’em it’s a mold,Welcome to a different zone, doin’ the impossible.”

According to the press release, “‘Want It Bad’ charges forward on a pulsating bass line before Cudi’s otherworldly warbling vocals take hold on the hook. It pops off as an irresistible and intergalactic banger. In the music video, Nigo and Cudi whip around Paris in a high-speed sports car before turning up at a house party.”

The video sees the pair getting all Fast and the Furious on the streets of Paris, clearly enjoying the life that their success allows.

The song should be a club smash as we get deeper into 2022 — there are some house beats in there, some heavy bass, and even what appears to be a gospel choir. It’s all happening!

Kid Cudi and Nigo Want it Bad: Nigo & Kid Cudi’s “Want it Bad” is out now.


Nigo press bio:

“NIGO continues to make headlines. He recently led his debut show in Paris as artistic director for KENZO, with an audience that included Pharrell, Ye, Julia Fox, Tyler the Creator, Pusha T, and GUNNA, among others. The show also gave the audience an exclusive preview of the album, showcasing features from A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, Kid Cudi, Pharrell Williams, Pusha T, Teriyaki Boyz, Tyler the Creator and Lil Uzi Vert as announced by NIGO last month. Snippets of the new music went viral and trended on Twitter immediately following the show’s debut and accumulated over a million plays on clips that were shared across the platform.”

LA Weekly