3Breezy Looks to his DMs for Inspiration: New Jersey R&B/hip-hop artist 3Breezy has released a new single and video called “In My DMs.”

“I made this song because I feel like both guys & girls can relate – nowadays everyone so worried about social media when all it does is feed nothing but false information, especially on how relationships are supposed to work,” said Breezy in a statement.

The video is brilliant, and appropriate — the lyrics to the song pop up as text messages on a phone. Meanwhile, the song is wonderfully incisive commentary.

“Baby take tour time, because I know that patience is key and I’m willing to wait it out,” Breezy sings, as he relates to the idea that it’s hard to trust anybody online nowadays.

“Breezy’s empathy runs deep—he grew up in a rough part of Jersey, surrounded by sisters, aunts, grandmother and great grandmother — all who helped him learn how to listen, and how to be strong for others,” reads the press release. “You hear it in ‘In My DMs’ – don’t trip on the sneaky links because if it’s not genuine it’s not for him.”

3Breezy Looks to his DMs for Inspiration: 3Breezy’s “In My DMs” is out now.


3Breezy press bio:

“3Breezy kicked off his career in October 2020, quickly issuing a number of singles and his debut mixtape, Murda She Wrote, captivating audiences with his easy knack for storytelling and deep sincerity. Though he has only been making music for about a year (leaving behind plans to be a veterinary technician to produce and release songs on his own), he continues to prove he’s a bonafide hitmaker capable of intensely personal songcraft.”

LA Weekly